(The truest irrigation indicator)

A Tensiometer is the only instrument that gives you the true moisture indication in the soil it is installed in. A soil moisture Tensiometer measures soil water potential/ matric potential – an indicator of the force that a plant/ crop must exert to obtain moisture from the soil/ medium it is planted in. Thankfully, almost every crop important to us has an optimum matric potential value it thrives at and monitored agriculture focussed on this value provides the highest naturally possible yield to the plant. For a healthy crop, keep it at the optimum soil water potential and have highest yields and effect maximum savings today!

Analog By SoilMoisture

Digital By SoilMoisture


Tensiometers, come in lengths from 6 inch (15 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm), and a standard 1 bar gauge. Features the reservoir for push-button convenience and minimization of soil disturbance when servicing is required. Unique modular construction allows for easy replacement of the porous ceramic cup and dial gauge and adaptation of extensions for flexibility and variety in use. Insertion Tools can be used to core a hole to accept these units.


Various readout options exist with each of the above varieties. The devices can be connected to irrigation & fertigation controllers or Dataloggers as per the user requirements. Data logging is also popular often paired with telemetry. This allows the user to analyse data collected and study trends and act quickly when microclimates rapidly change. Options range from Radio enabled networks for short range to Cellular and Satellite Communication options for very wide area and global networks.