• Consult

    With personnel having extensive knowledge and vast experience gained over 5 decades P.S.P Soilsearch is a solutions provider for projects on agricultural and environmental soil and water management studies. Be it soil remediation, effluent management, landslide monitoring, flood forecasting, irrigation management, water harvesting, water shade management we are well positioned to suggest appropriate equipment design to meet the needs of the project.

  • Lab Testing

    We are in a position to provide test reports on physical and chemical characteristics of soil samples. We have in house facilities for the determination of field capacity, bulk density, soil water characteristics, granular composition of soil.

  • Rentals

    We can make available high value equipment like Pressure Plate Apparatus, Lysimeter on rent on a yearly contract basis.

  • Repairs

    Our team of trained technicians is available for undertaking repair of instruments manufactured by our associates and foreign principals, sent to us for repairing. We also undertake onsite inspection, testing and repairing of the instruments and equipment manufactured by our foreign principals at the user’s premises located across India.

  • On field Service

    For specific projects we are in a position to install soil moisture sensors at the user’s location across India for providing data about the soil moisture status on real time basis to our clients.