Soil Water Sampler

(See what goes on beneath the soil and what is available for plants to grow)

Amongst the simplest of tools for environmental management, Soil Water samplers perform the task of collecting available soil water along with dissolved minerals, nutrients and also pollutants. Having different names across the world, such as Lysimeters, Soil solution Access Tubes, Pore water samplers, this family of instruments is the must have for anyone wishing to know what goes on beneath the soil. Be it a farmer or a conservationist, sampling with this instrument tells you whether to add fertilizers or what remedial action must be taken. For more details

Ceramic By SoilMoisture

Synthetic By ecotech


A ceramic soil water sampler, often referred to as a ceramic cup or tensiometer, is a device used to measure soil water tension or suction in agricultural, environmental, and research applications. It helps monitor the moisture content and water availability in the soil, which is essential for proper irrigation management and understanding plant water stress.


Suction lysimeters collect pore water from unsaturated soil. A constant vacuum source draws pore water into the lysimeter through a porous,stainless steel membrane. Pore water samples are brought to the surface by applying vacuum or pressure. Suction Lysimeters are most suitable in moist soil (tension less than 500 mbar) and can also be installed below the water table.


Synthetic options for very polluted areas. Synthetic soil water sampler, also known as a lysimeter or soil water tension sampler, is a scientific tool used to monitor and collect soil water samples for analysis. It plays a crucial role in studying soil moisture dynamics, plant-water relationships, and various environmental processes. Click for further details