Soil Water Characteristic Curves

(How does the soil behave in different moisture conditions)

Characterization of soils according to their moisture holding capacities and moisture flow retention characteristics is essential for the development of an effective irrigation and plant stress management system for growing commercial food crops. Soil scientists know that having soil water retention curves can save them thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a farm. For more details

Sand Box By Royal Eijkelkamp

Pressure Plate Apparatus By SoilMoisture

Pressure Plate Apparatus

Pressure Plate Cells have been the de-facto standard for the measurement of soil moisture retention studies worldwide. The development of these ceramic cells by Soilmoisture in the 1950’s led to the now universally accepted method for measurement of multiple soil samples extracted on a single reusable ceramic plate. Researchers dedication to Soilmoistures cells is understandable. Each cell is carefully hand fabricated from fine porous ceramic plate materials and covered with a heavy duty neoprene skirting that provides for water holding capabilities used in pressure cell extractors Model 1500 & 1600.

Sand Box

Determine soil samples' pF value in the range pF 0 - 2.0 of with this sandbox set. It can hold up to 40 soil sample rings measuring 53 or 60 mm in diameter, which allows for large scale measurements.