Lysimeter - Evaportranspiration

(Measure the complete water cycle including the elusive evapotranspiration)

Rain and snow is visible, but there's another form of water we visually detect: evaporation. It's the biggest cause of water loss in almost every area on earth, which makes it important to research. But because it is so difficult to measure, reliable figures on this invisible water loss are lacking. That's why various knowledge institutes, businesses (including Royal Eijkelkamp) and the government have collaborated to develop the Royal Eijkelkamp Smart Lysimeter. Evaporation figures obtained with the Lysimeter are very valuable for water management.

Smart Lysimeter By Royal Eijkelkamp

Lab Lysimeter By ecotech

1680-Eijkelkamp Smart Lysimeter

Complete set for measuring real evaporation in the field, consisting of a moisture controlled, weighing Lysimeter, with field reference tensiometer, sheet piling foundation. Click for further details

Lab Lysimeter

Analysis of leaching and solute fluxes in the laboratory. Click for further details